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Higher educational institutions are evolving in their approach to student and alumni engagement.  Driving and delivering Innovation is playing a key role in supporting student development.  StellarUp’s platform empowers universities to transform their mentoring programs and foster enhanced alumni involvement. StellarUp will support innovation programs, university incubators, and provide robust alumni and mentoring services.

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Deliver and support impactful innovation programs

Empower your university to deliver and drive impactful innovation programs with StellarUp. Our platform enables you to seamlessly integrate and manage innovation initiatives, fostering a culture of creativity and collaboration. By leveraging our advanced tools, you can connect students, faculty, and alumni, turning visionary ideas into reality and ensuring your institution remains at the forefront of academic and technological advancement.

A Rich Learning Ecosystem

Immerse your students in a rich learning environment with our Content Library, Discussion Forum, Webinars, and Academy Manager. StellarUp seamlessly integrates learning with community engagement, providing personalised experiences through Recommended Mentor Matches and customised home pages, ensuring each individual’s journey is uniquely catered to.

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In just four easy steps, start building your bespoke program and be guided through key decisions around program goals, matching methodologies and recruitment strategies.