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StellarUp & Gile Foundation: Empowering Youth via Mentoring & Learning

Community Platform, StellarUp, Partners with Gile Foundation to provide opportunities for the young changemakers and leaders of the future.

Amsterdam, 30th, October, 2023 – – stellarup and the global institute for lifelong empowerment (GiLE), announced they have entered a strategic partnership to jointly support young people’s pursuit for a successful and meaningful life. A technology partner to GiLE, StellarUp is an online knowledge-sharing and mentorship platform designed to facilitate connections between mentors and mentees, while also providing a framework for monitoring their relationships and progress.

Global learning impact

StellarUp’s cooperation with GiLE reaffirms the platform’s commitment to addressing the Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4) to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.” 

By harnessing its innovative platform and expertise, StellarUp works in tandem with several non-profit organisations to advance the cause of inclusive and equitable quality education.

Collaborating with GiLE represents an opportunity for committed action to the SDG4 objectives, enhancing the quality of mentoring programs and lifelong learning opportunities.

Game-changing relationships

The collaboration between StellarUp and GiLE deeply aligns with their missions to encourage collaboration through the power of connection. StellarUp supports GiLE Foundation with managing their community of young and diverse leaders, helping them to establish mentoring and learning relationships and achieving their goals. Both organisations have a focus on building and facilitating access to opportunities and expanding the community.

StellarUp empowers organisations to efficiently deliver compelling and meaningful programs, foster shared experiences, and facilitate leadership development.

Mr. Craig V. Johnson, Founder and CEP of the GiLE Foundation, explains: “I am really happy to have personally met Estelle Roux-Stevens, Co-Founder and CEO of StellarUp, and to have discovered this platform. It is exactly what our NGO needs, and it will surely have a transformative impact when it comes to enhancing our activities, cultivating a supportive Changemaker Community, and ultimately improving our ability to make a long lasting social impact among youth and young leaders.

At StellarUp, we strongly believe in a collaborative approach, and in connecting, learning and growing. Our partnership with GiLE Foundation underscores the significance of community building, managing relationships and measuring goals. Empowering these young talents who are paving our way to the future is a mission worth pursuing,” said Estelle Roux-Stevens, Co-founder and CEO of StellarUp.
StellarUp is poised to continue to drive positive change, working with business partners of all sizes and industries to make inclusive and equitable communities a reality.

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