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Dutch startup, StellarUp, successfully closes €500k seed funding

Dutch startup StellarUp has successfully secured €500,000 in seed funding, further advancing their mentoring and community platform to the next level.

US Tech investor led a funding round for the StellarUp platform to accelerate its growth plans. This seed funding will enhance and expedite the development of the user interface and experience, enhance features and integration, as well as increase marketing efforts.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands: 5th July 2023:  stellarup, a global HR SaaS solution that enables better knowledge sharing through structured and unstructured learning tools, has announced today a seed funding of €500K. 

The funding round was led by a US tech investor with an interest in StellarUp since its beginning. The funding will allow the Dutch-based startup to improve and accelerate user interface and experience design (UI/ UX) features and integration, and boost marketing.

As an HR SaaS solution, StellarUp is increasingly recognised as one of the most effective and scalable solutions for mentoring, community building, fostering an equitable culture of connection, and promoting personal growth within organisations.

Research suggests that, regardless of the type of program, mentorship provides numerous advantages to both mentors and mentees. Small to large, private and public organisations benefit in numerous ways, including skill learning, increased job satisfaction and retention, career development, improved performance, and positive organisational culture.

Despite the critical importance of launching mentoring programmes within organisations and communities, key decision-makers often face a series of process and operational challenges leading to unsuccessful and unengaging programs. There is an urgent requirement for mentoring and community solutions to bridge the gap between project start and operational performance. 

StellarUp is focused on removing the bottleneck of onboarding, matching of mentor with mentee, managing the relationship, and measuring and scaling engagement and ultimately the return on investment.

Since its launch in 2020, StellarUp has successfully on-boarded a series of large-scale, non-profit and government projects including Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland, Giving Back, BufferSprings, The United Nations Foundation, Aleto Foundation, ScaleNL, Konstanz University in Germany, Hogeschool Utrecht – University of Applied Sciences, InvestNL and more.

Estelle Roux-Stevens, co-founder at StellarUp, comments, “We are incredibly excited about the future of StellarUp. With this capital investment and level of trust, our mission-driven team is primed not only to expand our product’s reach but also to elevate it to new heights of improved performance, speed, and excellence.

US tech investor, comments, “Mentoring and knowledge sharing between people play a key role in tackling HR Challenges. StellarUp’s platform effectively connects growth and learning opportunities within an organisation efficiently. I am impressed by the speed of the founding team to capture opportunities in a fast growing market by providing unparalleled solutions.

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