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See you at UIIN 2024!

It is with huge pride and excitement we share that StellarUp will participate in this year’s UIIN Conference, one of the biggest higher education conferences in Europe!

UIIN Conference 2024, 27-29 May

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StellarUp - Revolutionizing University Engagement

StellarUp is the ultimate platform for higher education institutions, designed to foster deeper connections between students and alumni. Our mission is to create dynamic hubs that promote knowledge sharing, networking, and lifelong relationships. With StellarUp, universities can elevate their value and reputation, driving increased participation, stronger networks, and enhanced collaboration opportunities. Transform your institution with StellarUp and reach new heights of success and connection.

The StellarUp platform caters to each community through its many features:

  • Member Directory
  • Direct Messaging
  • Discussion Forum and Community Wall
  • Mentor-Mentee Smart Matching  
  • Library and Course Academy
  • Applications
  • Events and Calendar
  • Payments Integration

Why UIIN?​

Customers: We recently completed a successful free trial project for universities, proving the value we can bring. At UIIN, we aim to connect with 2-3 new university customers to continue delivering exceptional results.

Networking: We aim to build meaningful connections with like-minded professionals and expand our knowledge of the higher education sector to better understand our customers’ journeys and success indicators.

Partnerships: We believe collaboration is key. At UIIN, we aim to connect with potential partners, including LMS and mentoring professionals, to expand our reach and integration capabilities.

Workshops: Industry expert-led workshops at the UIIN will provide insights into the latest higher education trends. This will help us better understand your needs and improve our SaaS platform to meet the sector’s unique demands.

Hear from Julian and Matt

StellarUp revolutionizes university engagement, fostering a lifelong community where students and alumni connect, share knowledge, and opportunities. Our unique platform ensures alumni stay connected, key to bringing transformative value to your institution. Approach Julian and Kat during the conference to learn more or book a demo call with us using the calendar below!