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StellarUp certified partners

VIE People

VIE People is a dynamic partner for scale-ups, focused on driving growth through People & Culture. With over 20 years of experience, VIE has helped more than 500 scale-ups unlock their full potential. Their approach, based on the validated Scale-up Journey model, supports businesses in every growth phase with services like recruitment, leadership support, and the implementation of HR tech tools.

We Love Mentors

Our mission is to release the full potential of the mentor-mentee relationship through carefully designed programs. We offer individually designed programs for incubators and accelerators who want to offer the best support and networks for their startup clients whilst helping recruit seasoned business professionals who would like to pay it forward.


WE.VESTR is the shareholder management platform for founders, by founders. From incorporation and fundraising to ESOPs and performance reporting, we simplify equity for founders, so they can save time and energy by giving them the tools for building a more transparent, financially streamlined and more sustainable business future.

Why Partner with us

Partnering with StellarUp provides expanded client reach through shared referrals, enhanced service offerings, joint marketing efforts for increased brand visibility, and association with a trusted industry leader in mentoring and learning. Whether you’re aiming to complement your offerings or amplify marketing efforts, StellarUp unlocks opportunities for growth and innovation.

Collaborative Partners

Our collaborative partnerships encompass mutually beneficial technology partners who look to leverage each other’s strengths, expand reach, and offer comprehensive solutions. Benefiting both parties with increased market access, customer satisfaction, and revenue growth through shared referrals and cross-promotion.

Why Partner with Us


  • Access to a wider client base through shared referrals.
  • Complementary offerings enhance the value proposition for both partners.
  • Opportunity to leverage each other’s strengths to provide comprehensive solutions.
  • Increased revenue potential through collaborative marketing efforts.
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Implementation Partners

Our Implementation partners are HR consultancies seeking to enhance their service offerings by incorporating our mentoring and learning platform into their solutions. This collaboration facilitates market expansion, boosts customer satisfaction, and drives revenue growth through mutual referrals and cross-promotion efforts.

Why Partner with Us:

  • Expand service offerings to clients with a leading mentoring and learning platform.
  • Enhance client satisfaction and retention by offering comprehensive solutions.
  • Access to training and support for seamless integration and implementation.
  • Differentiate services in the competitive HR consultancy market.

Co-Marketing Partners

StellarUp partners with like-minded businesses to combine efforts in marketing initiatives, such as webinars and events, targeting shared audiences. This collaboration maximises brand visibility, lead generation, and business growth through strategic alliances.

Why Partner with Us:

  • Expand brand visibility and reach through joint marketing efforts.
  • Access to a larger audience of potential clients through co-promotion.
  • Collaboration on high-quality content creation and thought leadership.
  • Strengthen brand reputation by associating with a trusted industry leader in mentoring and learning.
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Unlock new opportunities for Growth

By partnering with StellarUp, companies across these categories can unlock new opportunities for growth, innovation, and client success, while delivering exceptional value to their customers.

Your partnership contact

Matt Raines

As the Operations Manager and Partnership Lead at StellarUp, Matt oversees our Partnership Program. His primary responsibility is to ensure that partners receive a dedicated support contact who provides essential resources, guidance, and assistance, all aimed at fostering successful, long-term relationships.